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Film Photography & Developing Workshop

Not all of us are satisfied with happy snaps. Our tutors will teach you how to use the manual controls on a beautiful vintage camera while you explore the alley ways and hidden spaces of inner city Kensington. When we’re done shooting, come back to the studio and we will teach you how to develop your film. The experience is so rewarding!

Darkroom Printing Workshop

The perfect followon from the FIlm Photography & Developing Workshop. For some it’s once in a lifetime, for others the start of a lifelong passion. One thing’s for sure you will never forget your first time in a darkroom. Watching the first blacks creep in followed by shades of grey. Into the stop bath, fixer then rinse. The romance of printing your own black and white photographs will stay with you forever.

Hire our darkroom

Everything you need to develop and print beautiful black and white prints will be at your disposal. All equipment and chemicals provided. Film and paper available for purchase (discounts for Members). Make use of our fantastic darkroom facilities or kick back in our studio, make a coffee, spin a record and find inspiration in our photo library.

Become a member & Join our community

Join The Fox Darkroom community. Relax with a cup of espresso, use the darkrooms, flick through a mag and share your inspiration with other avid photographers. All equipment and chemicals supplied. Film, paper and frames available at discount prices. Feel free to make an appointment to come and see our facilities and discuss your needs. Join now only $95/year.

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