Beautiful venue, awesome photography tour

I really loved the course. Completing it all in one day was tough but the content of the course was excellent. Tom seemed well prepared, the venue is just beautiful, the photography tour was awesome with some really interesting locations. It was my first time in a dark room and I thought the process of developing images was really interesting and was so great to see your first prints emerge in the developer. Despite doing the course over one day the overall vibe was relaxed, there was structure but also room to go at your own pace.

Tom explained the components of the camera very well and found a good balance between the technical elements without becoming too complicated. He backed up the lessons by providing examples and letting everyone have a play with the cameras.

The tour was great, Tom monitored the amount of photos we were going through to ensure we didn’t run out before we had visited all the sites. He offered plenty of instruction and kept checking in on us to make sure we knew what to do. He was good at suggesting different creative techniques to get interesting pictures. The warehouse at the end was amazing, I really hope Tom can continue to take tour groups through there because it made for such great pictures.