Why I love black & white photography

Today I produced my first black and white print in the new premises.  It took me by surprise how it took me back to my first time in a darkroom. It also reminded me  why I fell in love with the darkroom process in the first place.

Anybody who has spent time in a darkroom will share many of the memories I hold – the smell of the chemicals, the sound of the clock ticking, the red light swimming around the room and above all else the first rich blacks of an image seeping into the whites of a black piece of paper. It feels like magic.

I was at high school and feeling completely overwhelmed by the terrible marks I was achieving at school and feeling the pressure of the formidable VCE years on the horizon.  Until I fell in love with photography and things started to make sense – light passing through a negative, silver being activated by the developer. It was simple, practical, but also allowed me to be creative and communicate ideas I had been unable to do in any other way.

The Fox Darkroom is a celebration of the past – to a time when things were handmade with care and made to last.  I believe we can still learn so much from the traditional process, many of the lessons can be applied to current photographic practice and on a personal level it can even be applied to life outside photography. To make a conscious decision to turn off the phone, close the door to outside distractions and really focus energy and time on creating something premeditated.

It’s with great pride the I offer this part of my life for others to enjoy and experience for themselves.