Light – Dark

Light-dark presents the work of a handful of like-minded individuals, whose appreciation of traditional photographic processes have emanated at The Fox Darkroom to create a series of works inspired by the early musings of the first photographers. Adapted from renaissance painting, techniques like chiaroscuro allowed experimental photographers to transcend the functional and scientific side of the process and begin exploring it as a true art form. Through individual interpretation, Light-Dark gathers inspiration from the modern world to pay homage to these early pioneers.

All works are produced using traditional photographic processes – film photography and darkroom prints.

26th June – 2nd July Fawn Gallery 66a Johnston St, Collingwood.

Opening night 26th June 7-9pm

Contributing artists:

Hugh Osbourne
James Park
Will Vickers
Aliki Komps
Emma Perry
Tom Goldner
David White
Annika Mogg
Sophie Roberts
Jo Ruffin
Tom McKenzie
Rowan Chase
Mitchell Hodge
Zari Maddah
John Umina
Pier Carthew
Zaeem Burq
Harriet Tarbuck
Chris Le Messurier
Rhiannon Grace
Toan Nguyen