Workshop reflection – Rose, Jordan, Kate, Dav & CJ

Sunday was a big milestone for us here at The Fox Darkroom, the first time we ran a course – Film Photography & Developing Basics.  We had folk with backgrounds ranging from marketing to ethics, a film and television creative to medicine.  One thing everybody had in common was a big smile and an eagerness to start creating some photographic magic.

We began the day with tea and coffee and a quick briefing in our workshop area.  Together we explored some of the pros and cons of film photography and traditional darkroom printing.  Afterwards we explored a little about the technical and creative aspects of photography and then got hands on with our Pentax K-1000 film cameras and learnt how to shoot on manual mode.


Before we knew it we were out and about exploring some of the brilliant scenery around Kensington.

The-Fox-Darkroom-Melbourne001_5 The-Fox-Darkroom-Melbourne001_1

We ended the day loading our exposed films into developing tanks and hand processing the film.  My favourite part of the day was watching everybody’s expressions when they removed their films from the canisters and saw their negatives for the first time.

The-Fox-Darkroom-Melbourne001_10 The-Fox-Darkroom-Melbourne001_11

Our day’s shooting was more than worth it. Cant wait to print these negs!