Lovin the feedback!

Getting out and shooting was probably the most enjoyable part of the day for me. The surroundings were really interesting and provided plenty of opportunities to take great shots. The introduction at the start of the day was a really good overview to the science of photography – having studied one unit of photography at uni years ago I had some basic background, but in all honesty I think you did a much better job of explaining it to me than my uni tutor ever did!

Having all the cameras, example photos on the ipad and other props on hand made it really easy to put everything into context. I also loved that all the cameras and equipment had another life, and most likely had been used to teach other photographers. Not only is recycling things really sustainable, but it shows just how durable analog equipment is. Kind of makes me want to go out and find a pre-loved Pentax K1000 with a 35mm lens!