The Fox Darkroom is now open

Every now and then you meet someone with genuine passion, talent and generosity. These are people you stay in touch with – because they go on opening doors, opening minds and offering inspiration to the rest of us. Tom Goldner is one of these people.

Young, passionate and, most importantly, taking action on the things that matter most to him, Tom Goldner is the heart and mind behind The Fox Darkroom. Best known for his work on the  Photo for Freedom project, this extraordinary young man has opened The Fox Darkroom in inner city Melbourne, once again leading with his heart and providing others with an opportunity to explore this (now retro) artform.

The Fox Darkroom is part of a bourgeoning arts hub at the Young Husband Building, 10 Elizabeth St, Kensington. The location is heaven for photographers, surrounded by urban, historic, gritty and romantic interiors and exteriors with endless creative potential.

Please come and hang out in this extraordinary space. As a Member you are welcome to bring your own negs or develop your latest roll and print as many as you like. Alternatively you can join a class and learn the intricacies of this fascinating retro artform.