Untitled-1“I consider myself to be a worldly person and already well-travelled. So when I stepped into this workshop I was prepared for an adventure. What I came out of the workshop with was not only an epic adventure, but many new friends, and a kick of inspiration to further grow on my photography goals. Both Tom & Harriet have been so supportive and encouraging towards helping me achieve my photography goals, they picked up on my personal style of shooting and zoned in on it encouraging me by setting mini assignments to keep me in my photography ‘happy place’. The other element I found priceless about this trip was the connections we had to the local home-stays. I felt this is to a vital experience to the workshop and without having access to these connections I don’t feel I would have been able to experience the true soul of Cambodia as just a tourist scratching on the surface. Our images are evidence of this! Our drivers were all amazing and so warm-hearted, we truly came out with a profound experience.”



Untitled-1“Intrigued by new cultures, love your photography and have a yearning for adventure? Then this workshop is for you. Guided by your experts, Tom and Harriet, you’ll take advantage of an established, hand-picked network of helpers, and explore exotic (and difficult to reach) places. But forget the grind. When you get there, you’ll be rewarded by amazing photo opportunities and meet real Cambodian people. With the guidance on hand, I think my photos are stronger than before. I’ve learned to get closer emotionally – not just through physical proximity, but really connect with my subjects. For those strugling for photo inspiration, this workshop comes highly recommended!”



Untitled-1“I feel so lucky to have been apart of the first International Fox Darkroom Workshop in Siem Reap. Being able to photograph a beautiful country like Cambodia with the expertise of Tom & Harriet was a once in a life time experience and truly blew me away. This is no ordinary photography workshop, Tom takes to you to some of Siem Reaps hidden gems where you get to meet some amazing local people and hear their stories, while photographing some incredible countryside. Anyone who goes on this workshop in the future will not be disappointed.”5-stars



Untitled-1“In November this2015 I had the absolute pleasure of joining a fox darkroom international photography workshop. I’ve traveled extensively and having reluctantly come home and had some time to think I can honestly say it’s the most fun, adventurouis and (most importantly) thought provoking trip I’ve ever been on. From 4wding in a tracotr, climbing a mountain just to see what was at the top to walking the streets of Siem Reep with my local guide; I saw my heart was stopped, crushed and overflowing with images of beauty, poverty and firendship. All through the lens of a camera. I could not more highly recomend taking a tour with the fox darkroom. If you’re a fan of deep conversation, experiences that simply cannot be bought by any amount of money and a stonkingly good time, this is for you.”



Untitled-1“Well it’s safe to say that the Chelsea that left Melbourne a week or so ago is definitely not the same one flying back on Sunday. To quote a certain crazy misfit, a “spiritual detox” has definitely taken place somewhere between riding tractors and hiking up mountain in the blistering hot sun (I have all of the ridiculous tan lines to prove it!) and the serenity of the rice fields of Phreah Kor. My heart has been utterly cracked open. If not by cheeky little smiling faces and breath taking views around this incredible country, listening to story after story and creating new and unforgettable memories with some of the most amazing people has done it. Witnessing the reality of life in a third-world country has been extremely confronting, as beautiful as the people I’ve spent time with are and the places I have seen, we live in a different world in Melbourne. That I have been made painfully aware of. This trip has pushed me well out of my comfort zone and challenged me both mentally, emotionally and physically. It has lead me to think about questions like why it is that I feel the need to pick up my camera and photograph what I see around me, where my “happy place” is and how exactly I ended up here in Cambodia?! Some questions have been answered, others are yet to be uncovered and the rest I may spend the rest of my life looking for… And that’s alright with me. I’m already planning my next trip and I cant wait to see where life is going to take me next! Jul mouy!!!”