Our Vision!

Vision Statement on our Workshops

Here at The Fox Darkroom, we strive to provide our customers with the most individualised, creative learning experience around. We specialise in black and white film photography, developing and darkroom printing workshops. It’s a niche, and we are proud of that! We pride ourselves on being different from other courses in the sense that we understand everybody has different ways of learning and being inspired; for this reason, we never book classes with more than five people. We guarantee your experience with us will be personal and hands-on. It’s our belief that anybody can learn how to take beautiful photographs and make stunning prints in the darkroom regardless of your level of experience. We strive to create an environment of authenticity; ego has no place within our walls. There is nothing like feeling a shutter of a film camera click in your hands or watching the first blacks creep into a photographic print in the darkroom. We feel so passionately about this experience that we want to preserve it for the future and share it with you!


Vision Statement – Members and Darkroom Hire

Here at The Fox Darkroom, we want to build a community. Our space is one of functionality, but also a place to be inspired. Let’s share skills and learn new ones; let’s push our creativity into unchartered areas. I want the work coming out of our darkroom to be recognised as being of the highest standard – not just in the analogue circle, but in all forms of photography. We promise you will never be in need of a great cup of coffee or inspiration from our library and those around you. So roll up your sleeves and let’s get printing!


Moving forward

Below is a list of services we endeavour to provide at The Fox Darkroom.


Expand our short courses

  • Polaroid manipulation workshop
  • Medium format workshop
  • Large format workshop
  • Wet Plate workshop
  • Special guest workshops from industry experts


International workshops with Tom Goldner

Photography and travel are my two favourite things. I plan on offering my wealth of experience to small groups seeking to get off the beaten track and explore a country beyond tourist attractions. I travel with an open mind, open heart and I go out of my way to seek authentic experiences with genuine people. Participants can expect to return with a strong series of images they are truly proud of. The first international workshop is due to take place in Cambodia in mid 2015. It’s sure to be a life changing experience; express your interest here.


Fine Art Printing Service

We are soon to launch a fine art printing service with one of Australia’s finest analogue printers, Zaeem Burq.  Designed for artists looking to produce magnificently hand crafted images for exhibition.  Artists will have the opporunity to work one-on-one with Zaeem, our aim is simply to take imagery to its full potential.