Learn at The Fox Darkroom

Located in Melbourne, The Fox Darkroom offers a regular program of film photography and darkroom printing workshops. The Fox Darkroom also organises international workshops: providing opportunities to travel, learn and capture memorable images alongside award-winning documentary photographers.

Film Photography Workshops – MelbourneTopics covered include manual film photography, film developing and black and white darkroom printing. You’ll learn how to take great photographs without relying on a camera’s automatic function. You’ll discover how shooting with manual settings can give you greater control, and empower you to create more interesting images. You’ll create your own unique darkroom prints, and learn how images can be manipulated without using software.The Fox Darkroom’s film photography workshops are suitable for beginners and experienced photographers alike. If you are a beginner, or a digital photographer who doesn’t shoot film, we suggest starting with “Film Photography & Developing Basics”. You’ll finish this workshop with your own film negatives that are ready to work with in the darkroom. If you already shoot black and white film but are new to darkroom printing, feel free to jump straight into “Darkroom Printing Basics”.These two workshops run on a regular basis; please use the links below to check availability and make a booking. If you can’t find a suitable date – or would prefer a private workshop – please visit our Contact page to make an enquiry.Many participants of the “Darkroom Printing Basics” workshop become members of The Fox Darkroom, to continue practicing their darkroom skills. Members benefit from preferable pricing for darkroom hire and become part of an enthusiastic community of film photographers. Click here to find out more and become a member.

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