Melbourne darkroom

The Fox Darkroom

Since 2014, The Fox Darkroom in Kensington has been the home of our Melbourne studio. It is out of this space that our photographic organisation has grown to serve many functions, not the least of which has remained a constant since the very beginning – our community membership and education program. As a community darkroom we serve our membership base and the public by offering exhibition grade darkroom and scanning facilities to Melbourne.

Featuring 6 enlarger stations, a well equipped development station and multiple scanners to suit all forms of output from web to gallery. Most notable in our darkroom is our Laborator 5×7 enlarger and Leitz v35 englargers. Our scanning station consists of a Fuji Frontier, Hasselblad Flextight and Epson v700. All of these are available for use under our membership program, during our workshops or as a one-off visit.

The space is designed to be an all-inclusive social environment where artists and hobbyists can come together to share work, ideas and inspiration. From the new beginner to the established artist we believe there is a great benefit to working side by side and growing together as a community.

Based in Kensington, Melbourne

We are located in the Younghusband Wool Store in Kensington: a building originally built in the late 1800s which is now home to a vibrant community of artists, musicians, designers and makers.

Tom Goldner & Harriet Tarbuck – Creative Directors

Harriet Tarbuck and Tom Goldner are the creative directors behind Fox and Australian Photography Awards.

Harriet is a photographer and artist working in commercial portraiture and documentary. Living and working across Australia, the UK and Asia, her unique way of seeing the world and capturing daily life drives her personal practice which emphasises family life and the celebration of women. Since completing her photographic studies at Leeds College of Art and Design in the UK, Harriet has spent 12 years fostering community engagement through photography while living in Melbourne.

Tom is an artist, curator and teacher of photography who has had a career spanning commercial, documentary, gallery curation and management. His current practice is focussed on long-form photographic and multimedia arts projects with an emphasis on creating conversations around environmental issues. Tom is currently completing his Masters of Art at Photography Studies College in Melbourne. Through the Fox Gallery Tom has curated and hosted over 16 exhibitions alongside multiple book launches, artist talks and specialty workshops.

Harriet and Tom continue work together to bring all-accessible photographic and arts practices to the public in the way of community spaces, education and award recognition.

Follow Tom and Harriet on instagram at @tomgoldnerphoto and Harriet at @harrietclaire_photography

Angus Scott – Community and Darkroom

Gussi has been working as a photographer, film maker and retoucher across photographic organisations, editorial publications and film studios since 2009. He is currently working as Head of Creative Content for Australian Photography Awards and Community and Darkroom Co-ordinator at Fox. Gussi specialises in all things film photography, helping our members at Fox to get the most out of their negatives in the darkroom.

Gussi’s personal practice utilises still and moving image work which is documentary in nature – concentrating on the intersections between natural environments and the human condition.

Follow Gussi on instagram at @gussi.i


Farley Webb – Education

Farley is a new addition to the team at Fox, coming on board to deliver our current and upcoming digital workshops. Farley is a home-grown team-member, having joined Fox as a member in 2016 and has been a regular face in the darkroom and at exhibitions ever since. He is currently working on completing his Bachelor of Photography at Photography Studies College. He has a strong background in both analogue and digital processes and brings to the Fox team a wealth of technical knowledge and a keen eye for detail. In between his studies, Farley freelances as a photographer and photographer’s assistant. A landscape photographer at heart, his personal work explores the darker side of the Australian landscape.

Follow Farley on Instagram at @farleyflex


Jake Yugovic – Education

Jake writes and delivers the educational programs at Fox. He completed his studies in photography in 2013, and has exhibited at a number of galleries since.

Jake has a particular interest in creative photography, both historic and contemporary, and the influences that have shaped how we understand photography today. He is currently working on a photographic series examining the cultural, natural and imagined histories of Yarra Bend Park in Kew, Melbourne.




Leni Fohringer – Exhibitions

Leni curates exhibitions and events at Fox Gallery and coordinates the Fox volunteer base. She is the point of contact for all gallery related enquiries for artists, visitors and volunteers.

Leni has experience working and volunteering with galleries, museums, cultural institutions and not-for profit organizations in both Austria and Australia. She has a strong educational background in teaching and finished her graduate studies majoring in Exhibition Management in 2016 in Austria.