‘Chittagong Steel and Mambo’ by Kip Scott and Craig Adams

The Fox Darkroom & Gallery is proud to host an exhibition with Kip Scott and Craig Adams. Their exhibition ‘Chittagong Steel and Mambo’ will be on display at Fox Gallery from 12 – 27 May, 2018.

Craig Adams explores the increasingly blurred lines between tradition, culture and social change within Tanzania. His images capture the struggles and resilience of the nation as it pushes itself to keep pace with the western world. The chosen destination of Tanzania was inspired by his grandmother who spent years in Africa following the second world war. Her tales of majestic beasts, vibrant cities and mysterious tribes shaped his artistic approach and visual storytelling.

Craig completed his Bachelor of Photography at RMIT University in 2014. Since then he has embarked on numerous trips to Asia, South America and most recently Africa, aspiring to better understand foreign cultures through photographic documentation. After years spent refining his style, this body of work will be his first exhibition.

Kip Scott’s series captures the grandeur of steel, ships being picked over and dismantled, at times like the skeleton of a whale washed up on the shore. Images of silence and decay. An industry in service of the West at Bangladesh’s ship breaking yards.

Kip Scott is a Melbourne based photographer and video artist. He finished his Photography Studies at RMIT in 2013. His artistic investigations cover urban exploration, architecture and video and has been awarded the San Pellegrino Cafe Society Photography in 2013 and Dockland Summer Shorts Video Prize in 2015.

He has exhibited at Field 36 Gallery, The Eleventh Hour, 45 Downstairs and Footscray Community Arts Centre. The series Abandoned India from his solo exhibition was accompanied by the publication of a photographic book of the same name (Transit Lounge 2016). His work has further been published in Owl Farm, Bharat Times, India Link and Photo Dust.


Exhibition Dates
12 – 27 May, 2018

Exhibition Opening
Saturday 12 May, 6-9pm

Opening Hours
Thursday & Friday – 11am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday – 11am to 5pm

From the series ‘Mambo’ by Craig Adams