The Fox Darkroom

Darkroom for hire

The Fox Darkroom provides a well equipped darkroom for hire. Become a member to access to everything you need to develop and print stunning black and white images. Our growing community of film photography enthusiasts includes professional and hobbyist photographers alike. Read on to find out more.


We currently have five (5) enlarger stations ranging from 35mm to 8×10″ (both condenser and colour heads), with a selection of lenses. Our developing chemistry is stocked and ready for use with Ilford ID-11 (stock) developer with a range of Paterson tanks for all formats. Use of the equipment and all necessary chemicals is included in hire rates.

Now in colour

We have recently purchased two Durst RCP fully automatic paper processors:

RCP20 – 8 inch

RCP40 – 40 inch

Colour sessions are now running for members. Rates are $25 with a minimum of four hours.

Film available

The Fox Darkroom stocks a range of Ilford 35mm, 120mm and 4×5 sheet films. The following films are generally available.

  • Pan F 50
  • Delta 100
  • FP4 Plus 125
  • HP5 Plus 400
  • Delta 3200

Framing your prints

Understated black photo frames, suitable for 8×10″ size prints, are available to purchase – ideal for taking home a fresh print to put straight on your wall or to give away as a gift.

For larger frames or more specific requirements, The Fox Darkroom can refer you to a high quality professional framer to help you achieve the the desired result.



Become a member

Join the Fox community. All equipment and chemicals supplied. Film, paper and frames available at discount prices. Feel free to make an appointment to come and see our facilities and discuss your needs. Join now only $95/year.


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