Live At The Gallery with Andrew Mcsweeney | Paul Blackmore

The Fox Darkroom & Gallery presents
Live at The Fox Gallery
Sunday 08 July, 3pm – 4:30pm [free event]

Join us for an intimate 30 minute performance at The Fox Gallery. An acoustic guitar and vocal performance from Kensington musician Andrew Mcsweeney will accompany the beautiful photographic works of Paul Blackmore’s ‘Australians’ series. We look forward to bringing these two artists together while enjoying a glass of wine.

This event is free for the public to enjoy.

Andrew McSweeney​ from Dirty Rascal is a prolific and powerful songwriter, singer and guitarist with a loyal and hungry following of listeners. Dirty Rascal’s Debut album YOU BE THE KING is launching August 1 and are setting out around the country to let everyone know.

Featured in this exhibition are images from Paul Blackmore’s incredible book ‘Australians: Responses to the Land’. A visual documentary that pays witness how the tough Australian environment animates and influences Australian culture, and incredible previews displaying works from his latest series ‘Heat’ that explores the themes of the landscape and belonging but focuses mainly on the Australian coast. In particular a dynamic culture laid bare amidst the waters and beaches of the east coast beneath an ever hotter sun.