Myanmar 1st Hand – Book Launch & Exhibition

Exhibition Dates

25 – 28 May, 2017

Exhibition Opening

Thursday, May 25, 6-9pm

Author/Artist talk

Sunday, May 28, 2pm

Opening Hours

Thursday – Friday 11am to 6pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am to 5pm


Myanmar: A country steeped in centuries of tradition and an abundance of iconic historical sites. A land of extraordinary ethnic diversity, many peoples living as they have for centuries. A place brimming with welcoming, charming beings. Formerly Burma, it’s a destination closed off to the world and eluded by most for the past half century.

Following a holiday there in March 2013, there were certainly plenty who were surprised when Australian couple, Lisa and Marty O’Donnell announced they were moving to Myanmar. Four years on, they call it home and they’ve travelled most everywhere in the country foreign travellers are allowed.

Myanmar 1st Hand is the result of an eighteen month journey of  discovery. Covering around 15,000 km by car, they cris-crossed the country and when regulations didn’t allow them to drive, they parked the car up and jumped on trains, tuk-tuks, boats and even the back of trucks. Spurred on by the obvious lack of relevant travel information they journeyed country-wide to curious locales in all corners, researching, documenting and photographing travel destinations both known and off the map.

The result is a resource-rich travel guide that’s built on local knowledge and full of travel possibilities as well as a bountiful body of photographic work that captures the spirit of a truly unique and captivating country and its people.


The only resource-rich travel guide that’s full of travel possibilities to the unique destination of Myanmar that’s researched and written by expatriates living in the country. A full colour book packed with information and visual inspiration on country-wide destinations. Design your Myanmar journey with confidence using Myanmar 1st Hand. More Relevant. More Personal. More Myanmar.

Paper back and e-book available

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