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Travel Photography Workshops

See the world and take some great pictures along the way with The Fox Darkroom’s travel photography workshops. Read on to find out more and express your interest.

What’s involved

The Fox Darkroom’s international workshops are made up of personalised assignment-based learning, group activities and in-depth conversations: designed to provide you with a greater understanding of your photography practice and ambitions. Film and/or digital photographers are welcome.

Participants will receive one-on-one guidance while working in the field, photographing some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and dynamic cultures. Depending on the workshop, a range of photographic styles will be explored, from landscape to still life, portraiture and social documentary. Expect to return with a series of images to be truly proud of.

“Photography and travel are my two greatest passions. Our team will be offering our wealth of experience to a small group of enthusiastic individuals seeking to get off the beaten track and explore a country beyond tourist attractions. If you love to travel with an open mind, open heart and go out of your way to seek authentic experiences with genuine people, this workshop is for you!”.

-Tom Goldner

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