Photography Tours

Travel photography workshops

See the world and take some great pictures along the way with The Fox Darkroom’s travel photography workshops. Read on to find out more and express your interest.

What’s involved

The Fox Darkroom’s international workshops are made up of personalised assignment-based learning, group activities and in-depth conversations: designed to provide you with a greater understanding of your photography practice and ambitions. Film and/or digital photographers are welcome.

Participants will receive one-on-one guidance while working in the field, photographing some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and dynamic cultures. Depending on the workshop, a range of photographic styles will be explored, from landscape to still life, portraiture and social documentary. Expect to return with a series of images to be truly proud of.

Read what some of our past participants had to say…

“The tour provides so many fantastic photographic and adventure opportunities to non tourist destinations. The local connections and interactions were authentic and genuine. Experiences of being invited into their homes and their hearts was absolutely humbling. These emotional connections will remain with me always. Cambodia 2018 was a life changing and affirming journey.”

– Andy, 2018

“Siem Reap is filled with so much colour and activity, there are opportunities at every turn to discover the beautiful and the bizarre in equal measure. With Tom and Harriet’s guidance, and the local knowledge of their team of drivers, we were able to bypass the tour-bus version of Cambodia and dive head first into a genuine experience of life as it is lived by the people.”

– Jordan, 2017

“Being able to travel and shoot with a fantastic bunch of like minded people was also a great way to spend my holiday – the friendships I have made will continue long into the future. Many thanks to Tom and Harriet for running the workshop – if you get the chance to go, go!”

– Simon,  2017

“Prior to the tour I found myself being stuck in photographic rut and felt I wasn’t progressing. Via a series of challenges Tom and Harriet helped me see through a different ‘lens’. I learned more in the span of a week than I have in years.”

– Chris, 2017

“Being a small group of like-minded travellers, we bonded over shared stories (and beers). Our local guides became friends. I won’t forget the sense of freedom riding pillion on a motorbike, camera slung over my shoulder. If there is a time to say yes, it is now. Carpe diem – seize the day!”

– Margaret, 2017

“The workshop created an environment ripe for adventure, was rewarding and encouraging of curiosity and has provided motivation and inspiration beyond the time just spent abroad.”

– Nathan, 2016

“Tom and Harriet have specifically designed the workshop to cater to photographers of all walks, without falling into all of the usual touristy traps. Instead, they take you well off of the beaten track so that you can both see and experience the real Cambodia.”

– Latishar, 2016

“The trip was extremely well curated but with enough freedom and flexibility to never miss the forever changing sights, smells, tastes and smiles that Cambodia throws at you.”

– Nick H, 2016

“With Tom & Harriets guidance at hand, I think my photos are stronger than before. I’ve learned to get closer emotionally – not just through physical proximity, but really connect with my subjects. For those struggling for photo inspiration, this workshop comes highly recommended!”

– John, 2015

“This trip has pushed me well out of my comfort zone and challenged me both mentally, emotionally and physically. It has lead me to think about questions like why it is that I feel the need to pick up my camera and photograph what I see around me.”

– Chelsea, 2015