PIC EOY Fox exhibition

Exhibition Dates

16 – 26 November, 2017

Exhibition Opening

Thursday, November 16, 6-9pm

Opening Hours

Thursday – Friday 11am to 6pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am to 5pm




The PIC EOY Fox exhibition features a wide range of photo images ranging from the darkroom analog black and white silver gelatin and colour hand crafted type C to digitally generated ink jet prints.

The capture devices and format varies from DSLR and classic 35mm film format to 120 and large format 4×5 view cameras.

Keeping alive the analog film and darkroom experience in contemporary society offers a great opportunity for photo imaging artists to indulge in the art of crafting images with a unique personal connection.

Through the carefulness and attentiveness required of the wet process methodologies there becomes established a particularly remarkable synthesis of craft and vision, medium and individual.

The photograph becomes alive with character always reflecting a vision which comes from within but at all times remaining true to the finely tuned aspects of the technical demands of the medium.

There is a wide and varied collection of images from set genres such as portraiture, landscape, abstract and studio.

Each image is a presentation of a unique interpretation. The Artists have responded visually and emotionally to the world in which they live. We are blessed and in a fortunate position by being taken to that tender, poignant and decisive moment through skill, technique and unfettered vision


Image by Allyssa Geraghty

About The Fox Gallery

The Fox Gallery provides opportunities for both emerging and established photographers to share work that deserves to be seen. For opening hours, directions and further information please visit this page.