Polaroid 55 with Tobias Titz

'Andrew Chapman' by Tobias Titz

‘Andrew Chapman’ by Tobias Titz

Date: 19/03/17

Times: 12:30pm – 4:30pm (approx.)

Cost: $95 per person

Participants: 3-8


The Workshop

Participants can expect an intimate presentation from the artist, the history and process behind Polaroid 665/Polaroid 55 and a hands on demonstration producing instant positive/negative prints.

Polaroid Type 55

Polaroid Type 55 is a unique black-and-white peel apart film that gives the photographer both an instant print and in addition, an instant negative that can be used to create enlargements with. The negative is processed at the same time as the print in the film packet, all the photographer has to do is wash and dry the negative. Polaroid Type 55 is used with a large format camera, usually a 4×5 inch.

About Tobias

Tobias Titz is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.Over the last ten years he has worked for a range of local and international magazines and commercial clients.He also likes to make sure he has time to focus on his personal projects such as the award winning Polaroid scratch series.

Tobias is passionate about all aspects of people and portrait photography. He particularly enjoys capturing people in their own surroundings – even if that means traveling to remote locations in the Australian outback.His work has been exhibited internationally and are held in public and private collections in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Tobias won a first prize at the international Polaroid Award in 2000, the Head On Photography Prize in 2008 and the Moran Contemorary Photography Prize in 2012. He has been short listed as one of the top ten Australian Portrait Photographers by the Capture Magazine’s 2006 and 2007 Australia’s Top Photographers Awards.