‘Polaroids 1998 – 2018’ Tobias Titz

Exhibition Dates

17 March – 8 April, 2018

Exhibition Opening

Saturday, March 17, 6-9pm

Opening Hours

Thursday – Friday 11am to 6pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am to 5pm


Tobias Titz

Polaroids 1998 – 2018

This exhibition by Melbourne based photographer Tobias Titz marks the 20th anniversary of his award winning Polaroid Project.

Tobias Titz’s collaborative Polaroid project has both an aesthetic and an ethical dimension, each enabled by the special properties of Polaroid technology. Titz takes two photos: the first is a portrait; the second an identical shot, taken a moment later, after the subject has walked out of the frame. This yields four images: a print and a negative of each shot. Titz hands the second, empty negative to his subject. What (s)he scribes into the wet, coalescing emulsion is as open as the image itself: a sketch, a piece of folk wisdom, a comment on the process. In addition to sharing authorship in the final diptych, the subject also receives from Titz the original portrait print.

The exhibition shows images from the beginning of the project in Germany to new influences in Australia.

Tobias grew up and studied Photography in Germany and came to Australia in 2001.

Tobias has won the International Polaroid Award in 2000, the Head on Portrait Prize in 2008, the Moran Contemporary Photography Prize in 2012 and the Art Handlers Award at the National Portrait Prize in 2017.

He has exhibited his work extensively in Australia and Germany.

Tobias has worked with indigenous communities in the Pilbara, Arnhem Land and Central Australia for a number of years and photographic work from these interactions is held in the Museum of Australian Democracy, Canberra.

His photographs are also included in numerous public and private collections in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

Tobias is lecturing Photography at Monash University.

Alum Cheedy comments on the 1967 Referendum Photo and Copyright Tobias Titz

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