Private / Advanced Workshops



Our private tuition is currently covering all of our alternative format and process workshops that we would usually run. The current workshops covered under private tuition are:

  • Medium Format
  • Large Format
  • Pinhole
  • Advanced Printing
  • TinType
  • Lighting Workshop
  • Digital Workshop

We can also tailor our standard workshops to suit your time schedule and learning requirements. These workshops are:

  • B&W Film Photography & Developing
  • Colour Film Photography & Developing
  • B&W Darkroom Printing

Our private/advanced workshops are specifically designed for each customer to cover any particular technique they wish to learn. Our tutors can teach everything from the basics to advanced camera, developing and printing techniques. Booking times for private tuition are organised to suit your schedule, and are charged at $115 an hour. For all enquiries, please use the contact form above.