“Great place, great experience. Two thumbs up!”

“Great place, great experience. Two thumbs up!”
January 12, 2017

I did some basic darkroom printing around 15 years ago and wanted to have a go at it again and refresh my memory. I’m so glad I found The Fox Darkroom – Tom has created a really special little place that totally reminds me why I fell in love with photography in the first place. My partner and I did the basic darkroom printing course and I would highly recommend it.

The overall vibe is super friendly, down to earth and helpful, striking a great balance between explaining/showing you how everything works and then letting you have a go yourself. Everything felt well thought out and organised – paper for each student already preloaded in individual paper safes with test strips pre-cut for us and ready to go. Each course attendee gets their chosen print framed to take home, which is a really nice touch.

My only suggestion would be making the course an hour longer to allow a little more time to explore dodging & burning techniques and playing with contrast filters – I felt a little pressed for time doing my second print and would have loved to have had a little more ‘mucking around’ time.

Tom clearly has a longstanding passion for beautiful analog photography and it really shines through all aspects of the lovingly created space itself as well as the instruction during the course. His own photography (on display in the lounge area) was beautiful and you just feel like you’re in good hands.

This course (combined with the film photography course) would be an amazing gift for someone with an interest in film photography who’s never been in a darkroom before.

Highly recommended.

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