“loved every minute”

“loved every minute”
January 12, 2017

I had the pleasure of attending The Fox Darkroom workshop over the weekend, and loved every minute.
Tom has created something very special. A little photography haven in what can only be described as an inspiring location – an old wool store building.
The location and Tom’s amazing set-up can only put you in good spirits when you take the workshop.
Tom is a great guide, and will tailor the course depending on each individual’s goals.
The negative making process was fantastic, being able to create something from scratch. The darkroom experience was something foreign to me, having come into photography in the digital age. I think it’s very important for us to go back and learn these techniques to understand how it was done prior to digital photography. And I really appreciate Tom creating workshops like this to preserve the process, and reinvigorate the film process in this modern tech-focussed age.
At the end of the workshop I was also able to see some of Tom’s photography work that he had done over in Ghana for the Photo for Freedom project. I was blown away. Amazing work for a meaningful and important cause.
I wish The Fox Darkroom all the best, and look forward to doing the printing workshop in the new year.

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