‘WINDOW’ An exhibition by members of Fox Darkroom

Exhibition Dates

11 – 20 August, 2017

Exhibition Opening

Friday, August 11, 6-9pm

Opening Hours

Thursday – Friday 11am to 6pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am to 5pm



A glimpse into a different world

“It is safe to assume no two individuals see the world about them in the same way”

– Ansel Adams

The eye is an aperture through which we perceive the world about us. What we see and interpret is subjective, we each have our own individual world. The camera is no different. Though it can achieve optimal-image accuracy, reality remains a subjective concept.

Window’ reveals to viewers a momentary glance into the disparate and contrasting worlds of each individual photographer. Photographers have the opportunity and freedom to be creative and challenge the limits of reality. A different world may be a physical world unlike any other, it may be a fabricated or artificial environment, a subjective perception of the world or even a secretive glimpse into an inner world.

Ansel Adams, known for his highly realistic photographs, contended that the camera cannot reproduce reality as photographs are merely “interpretations of the original subject value”.  Adams suggests that the photographer alters reality through visualisation whereby the photo is captured in the mind before the shutter has even been released. Therefore we are the camera, our eye is the aperture and the resulting photograph is our reality.

Window’ opens up new perspectives and enables photographers to admit light into what would otherwise be concealed, allowing viewers the opportunity to peer out and behold a different world.  

Fox members are a community of like-minded photographers who value analogue and traditional image making methods. A mixture of both amateur and professional, analogue and digital, Fox members are unified by a sincere passion for photography and the desire to perpetuate it as a form of art.

Contributing Artists:

• Farley Webb
• Angus Scott
• Young Ha Kim
• Nick Hinch
• Nathan Ide
• Aggie Ryan
• Andrew Gemmell
• Sandra Dimitrijevic
• Liz Kajko
• Courtney Border
• Alex Hutchins
• Tom Goldner
• Bodie Howell
• Latishar Mao
• Nick Whiley
• James Brant
• Jake Yugovic
• Dale Tralongo


Image: Untitled by Farley Webb

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